Christmas Offering

The Christmas Offering will focus on 3 aspects: Our City, Your Neighbors, Future Leaders. Our goal is $100,000. The offering will be received on Sunday, December 10. If you would like to give online, simply click on the “Give” tab at the top of the website. Be sure to select “Christmas Offering 2017” on the dropdown menu.

Our City

We have a unique opportunity to transform our city by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the less-fortunate and those most in need. We are empowering and resourcing our Community Groups to share the life-changing love of Jesus Christ in practical and tangible ways through service projects. 10% of what is given for the Christmas Offering will be used for these service projects.
If you or your Community Group are interested in participating in “Our City”, please fill out the following form Our City.

Your Neighbors

Brentwood Next Door is an opportunity for selected leaders to invite neighbors into their home who otherwise would not walk through a church door. Group leaders will use our Church Online platform and extend what Brentwood is known for: hospitality and open arms to our community in a small group context. A portion of the Christmas Offering will be utilized to improve the quality and overall platform of Church Online to better serve people who attend Brentwood Next Door. 
If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the following form Your Neighbors.

Future Leaders

We are passionate about developing the next generation of church leaders. One of the primary avenues that we accomplish this is through our Resident Program. A portion of the Christmas Offering will be utilized to expand Resident recruitment, housing, and resourcing. 
To find out more about our Resident Program, click here Future Leaders.