March 11th, 2018


Just before he died, Moses spoke to the Israelites and told them if they disobeyed God’s commands, they would be scattered and lose the blessings of God’s promises. However, if they followed His commands and obeyed God with their whole heart—He would restore what was lost! He would bring them back to the land He promised them, He would bless them with His presence and power, and Israel would prosper again.


I’ve lived this. This is my story. My marriage, my relationship with my kids, my passion for God, were all lost. I was running away from God and His people, but He restored it all when I turned back to Him and chose to obey Him with my whole heart. This restoration has been more than I ever could have expected or imagined, and now I get to share the restoration I’ve experienced with other people.


This is why we’re Building Brentwood! We get to create a place where lost, scattered people can experience God’s power and presence, and return to Him. When that happens, they get to see and experience restoration like they never have before, then give that restoration away to other people!



What blessings have you experienced when God restored you?


PRAY: For God to restore marriages through Building Brentwood.

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