March 14th, 2018 


READ | MICAH 7:18-20 

When Micah preached, the Israelites had become comfortable in their position as God’s chosen people and started to live like they were invincible. God told Micah He would bring judgment on Israel because of their sin, but He would also provide restoration for His people. Even though Israel would face the consequences of their sin, they would also get to experience the restoring power of God. 


Just like Israel, I’ve had seasons in my life where I became comfortable in my relationship with God and with the sin in my life. I missed out on the fullness of what God wanted to do in and through me because of my comfort and complacency. Through God’s power and by confessing my sin to others, I was able to experience restoration in my relationship with God and with His people.  


This is why we’re Building Brentwood. We know sin is destroying the lives and families of people in our community, but God is offering restoration. He has called our church to be a place where people experience His restoring power, and we can see so much more restoration in a permanent home! 



Where do you need to experience the restoring power of God in your life? 


PRAY: For God to convict people of sin and restore lives through Building Brentwood 

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