March 8th, 2018

READ | ROMANS 8:1-17

Romans 8 is the climax of Paul’s letter. After explaining how the entire world is broken by sin, and how Jesus came to rescue creation from its brokenness through His death and resurrection, Paul launches into the implications of our rescue in chapter 8. Jesus didn’t come so we could go to heaven when we die, Jesus came to change our lives now, to make us children of God, to set us free from our old way of thinking and living, to transform us today, not in some far off future.


I’ve been set free from my old patterns of thinking, my old selfishness, my old sin cycles, and God wants to use me to help rescue others who are where I used to be. Now I get to share the transformation I’ve experienced with other people!


Building Brentwood is one of the many ways we get to give away transformation. We get to help create a place where other people can encounter God the way we have, have their lives changed and transformed the way we have, and then invite even more people into God’s kingdom!



What would it look like for you to share transformation through Building Brentwood?


PRAY: For God to use Building Brentwood to transform you, and other people.

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