March 12th, 2018 



In this passage, Paul reminds us our strength comes from Jesus. God rescued us from the domain of darkness and because of Jesus; we now have access to God’s strength through the Holy Spirit.


My first year in college it felt like I was surrounded by bitterness and fear because I lacked resources and strength to sustain me. The enemy made me question the calling I knew God had for me. When I started to pray, God gave me His strength through prayer, and prayer brought breakthrough. The breakthrough in my circumstances brought revival and restoration, a new confidence in my calling, and in the God who gave it to me.  


This is what Building Brentwood is all about. It’s not just about building a physical building, it’s about restoring hearts. This building is a place where we will see restored hearts, lives, marriages, ministries, callings, and people. God wants to use our stories and our circumstance to restore and strengthen what’s the enemy has broken. As humans, we find it easier to believe God wants something from us than believe that He wants something for us. God doesn’t just want our financial sacrifice for the sake of a building, He wants to use that building restore us and others.  



Where do you need God’s restoration in your lifeWhat would that look like? 


PRAY: Ask God to use Building Brentwood to restore you and others. 

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