March 10th, 2018

READ | ROMANS 12:1-13

Romans was written to explain what it looks like when God transforms not just people, but all creation. When God transforms us, it changes the way we act, but first, it changes the way we think. Paul reminds the Romans that if they’re going to really follow Jesus and love others, they have to let God transform their minds. When we believe in and follow Jesus, He changes the way we think about ourselves, and our resources. Jesus transforms our thoughts from selfishness, to service.

Too often, I use my resources to serve myself, or make other people like me. However, that’s not the way followers of Jesus are supposed to think. God has transformed us into “living sacrifices,” who’s lives aren’t about what we can get, they’re about what we can give.

As we Build Brentwood, God is giving us the opportunity to give, not so we can get, but so we can serve, and see other people transformed like we’ve been! We get the chance to let God transform our minds about how we give, what we value, and where we invest.



Where are you investing your resources? Do you use them to serve yourself, or other people?


PRAY: For God to transform the way you think about your resources through Building Brentwood.

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