March 9th, 2018


As followers of Jesus, our lives are visibly different from the world around us. Without the Holy Spirit, our lives are marked by selfishness, brokenness, pain. Yet, through Jesus God has transformed us into different people, who show the world what it looks like to live as one of God’s people!


This is why we follow Jesus! We follow Jesus so we can experience the transformation of our lives, of our thoughts, of our relationships, and so we can share that transformation with other people. God wants to transform us so we can put aside our old ways of thinking, and live as new people. This is why we gather on a Sunday morning, so we can get better at letting the Holy Spirit guide our lives, and let Him produce more good fruit.


Building Brentwood is a chance for us to let the Holy Spirit grow more love, more generosity, more faithfulness in us, and help us put aside our selfishness, idols, and old desires. Beyond that, it’s a chance for us to help build a space where other people can experience that for the first time, so they can be transformed like we’ve been.


Which of your old ways of thinking does God want to transform through Building Brentwood?


PRAY: For God to use Building Brentwood to grow more fruit in you.

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