March 13th, 2018


Paul wrote to the church of Colosse because they struggled to believe Jesus’ death was all they needed to be part of God’s people. In this passage, Paul reminded his readers Jesus’ perfection and power is not what separates us from Him, but instead is the reason we are able to come close to Him. It is because of His great love and power that our relationships, both with God, and with each other, can be restored.


I’ve seen this firsthand. When I was younger, I remember my mother packing my siblings and I in the car and threatening to drive away from my father forever. When my parents recognized Jesus’ great love for them and for their marriage, it restored their relationship and restored our family. My parents are still married today because God used His people and His power to miraculously restore their relationship.


Building Brentwood is about stories like mine. Stories of restoration—building families. It doesn’t matter if a family is struggling, on the edge of separation, or already broken. God is in the restoration business, no matter how “alienated from God” we believe we are. He “reconciles to Himself all things” through Jesus, and redeems what we think is broken beyond repair.



What has God restored you from that seemed impossible to rebuild?


PRAY: For God to restore families through Building Brentwood.

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