April 6th, 2018



The Apostle Paul sought to inspire the Corinthian believers to give to the plight of the Jerusalem Church as extravagantly as the Macedonian Church. Paul describes the Macedonians’ giving as rich and joyful, beyond their ability and his expectations, despite their own trials and poverty. Why did they give so audaciously from so little? Because they believed giving to the Church was God’s will.


Growing up in the church I was taught tithing as a universal principle, not a legalistic code. When I give my first 10% to what matters to God, He multiplies it, and joy follows. This practice and principle has transformed every dimension of my family—marriage, health, emotional life, business, etc. I can confidently say God has done so much more with my 90% than I could ever accomplish on 100%.


Building Brentwood is about constructing a new 24/7 ministry space, but it is so much more. Building Brentwood lets us grow in the grace of giving, just like the Corinthian Church. Our journey enables us to apply united sacrifice and obedience, together with the miraculous work of God, to build lives, families, leaders and community through our giving.



What does “growing in the grace of giving” to the local church look like for you?


PRAY: For all of us to unite in sacrifice and obedience to fund Building Brentwood.

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