April 3rd, 2018 


We have been called and now are considered part of Christ’s “triumphal procession.” Not only do we have victory, but God uses us to spread His good news to others. We are a “pleasing aroma” that others can’t help but notice, no matter whether they are moving toward God or not.


When I was a kid, I used to come home and start trying to smell what Mom was making for dinner. Even before I saw what she had made, I knew what we were having because I could smell her good cooking. Just like I could know what we were eating before I actually saw it, the same is true of our representation of Jesus: people see Jesus in us because we follow Him, and they can know what He is like as they get to know us.


As we build Brentwood, we want to have a 24/7 ministry presence that will be a pleasing aroma to the community. We want people to see our building and attend church with us because we want them to see God, and we look forward to having a building that will attract others to Him.


Are you a “pleasing aroma” to the people around you? 

PRAY: For God to use Building Brentwood to draw people to Him. 

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