April 4th, 2018


In two short verses at the beginning of Ephesians chapter 5, Paul gives simple, yet clear description of unity. In Paul’s mind, unity is created through sacrifice. As believers and followers of Jesus, we get to imitate God by “living a life of love” just as Jesus did when He died for us. Our response to Jesus’ sacrifice is to sacrifice for others, and this sacrifice unites us with other followers of Jesus.


When we understand the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and what that sacrifice accomplished, it changes our attitude about the sacrifices God asks us to make. Instead of seeing sacrifice as loss, we see it as opportunity. We see it as an opportunity for God to use us to help rescue other people, we see it as an opportunity to grow, and we see it as a chance for us to experience even more of God’s power and presence. Not only does sacrifice unite us with God and with each other, our sacrifice is a chance for us to see God do so much more.


Building Brentwood is about transformation, restoration, development, and connection, but it’s also about response. Building Brentwood is a chance for us to respond to God’s sacrifice, and the sacrifices other followers of Jesus have made for us, with sacrifice of our own.



How is God asking you to sacrifice for Building Brentwood?


PRAY: For God to use your sacrifice to unite you with Himself and His people.

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