March 31st, 2018 



After being exiled to the island of Patmos for sharing the good news of Jesus, Jesus’ beloved disciple, John, was met by an angel who showed him God’s plan for the future. In this vision, John saw God’s future new creation where God’s people will live in fellowship with Him, and see Him face-to-face. In God’s new creation we will be able to have the relationship with God we were originally created to have, but completely unhindered by sin.


Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are able to experience the connection with God we were ultimately created to enjoy all the way back in Genesis. For now, we gain a small taste of what that connection will look like when we connect with God and with each other through worship, service, and community.


That’s what Building Brentwood is all about. We get to help create an environment where we can show others the connection with God and with each other they were designed to experience. Our community, service, and worship in the present is practice for the glorious future we will one day experience where we will connect with God and with each other in His new creation.



How does present connection, worship, and service prepare you for the new creation? 


PRAY: For Building Brentwood to connect people through community, service, and worship. 

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