April 1st, 2018


READ | ROMANS 8:31-39

Romans 8 is Paul’s grand explanation of how God frees those who believe in and follow Jesus from the power of sin, death, and evil. Because of this transformation, we no longer live in fear. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, the power of death was defeated, and now we are called to live in freedom from fear.


As I prayed about how I was going to be part of Building Brentwood, a hundred questions and fears came to mind. “Will this work out?” “I’m going to have to cut things out of my day-to-day,” “will God really provide?” The more I prayed and the more I read God’s word, the more I heard a resounding “Yes!” to each of those fearful questions. God has always set me free from fear, and has shown that He will always show up and show off, and the proof of that is the death and resurrection of Jesus!


Building Brentwood is about responding to God’s work in our lives and in our church. Jesus’ death and resurrection proved that God is in control, and God is bigger than our fears, than our sins, than even death itself! If a God like that is for us, why are we afraid?



How has God showed up and showed off in your past?


PRAY: For God to defeat your fears about being part of Building Brentwood.

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