March 30th, 2018



As Paul starts his letter to the Church in Thessalonica he commends them for how faithfully they live out the Gospel. The Thessalonian church lived out their faith so publicly even people who were far away from God noticed and talked about how the people in the church were transformed! Jesus radically transformed each of their lives, and everyone could see it!


What I love about this passage is how it shows the power of our day to day actions. When we really live like we’ve been radically changed by believing and following Jesus, people notice! Not only they notice, they want to be part of what God is doing. When we live as rescued and restored people, others who are far from God want to experience what we have.


Building Brentwood isn’t just about a building, it’s about a place where people can connect with followers of Jesus who have been radically transformed. A 24/7 ministry home will let us show everyone who walks through our door what it looks like to believe in and follow Jesus, and invite them to experience the same connection with God we have!



Does your connection with God inspire others to connect with Him?


PRAY: For God to use our connection with each other to connect people to Him.

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