March 29th, 2018



Long before God created the world, He had you and me in mind! He designed us to experience His blessings and presence, but more than that, He made plans for us to be adopted into His family through Jesus. It’s through this plan that God set us free from the weight of our sins and now we can live in incredible freedom. God did this for us because He loves us and desires connection with us.


Whenever I work on a project, I love to create a strategy or system for it. However, one thing I’ve learned is before I can do any of that, I have to have a very clear “why”. I need to know my reason for why I’m doing what I am doing. Anything without a purpose becomes confusing and loses its meaning.


The same is true with community. Our reason for our desire to connect with one another ultimately comes because God desires connection to us. Building Brentwood is about connection—becoming builders of community. When we Build Brentwood, we get to help people experience the life-transforming power of Jesus in deeper community.



How does your view of community change when you understand its purpose?


PRAY: For Building Brentwood to create exponentially more connection in our church.

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