MARCH 5th, 2018


Paul writes to the church in Ephesus to remind them they were once “objects of wrath,” living for themselves, far away from God, but because of God’s grace, they were repurposed for “good works.” In the same way, when we believe in and follow Jesus, we are given a new purpose and commissioned to build God’s Kingdom.


I can still remember the night I decided to believe in and follow Jesus. I was a junior in high school and was tired of living for myself and my own purposes. That night, God transformed me and gave me a new purpose, a new reason for living, a new mission. My life is an example of the incredible love and mercy God has for everyone.


Building Brentwood is a way to give other people an example of transformation. When we share our stories of transformation, and invest in showing people far from God how much He loves them, they get to be transformed by His presence and experience “the riches of His grace.”



How has God transformed you since you decided to believe in and follow Him?


PRAY: For God to show you how He wants you to be an example of transformation.

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