We develop others to impact generations because we believe wisdom, skill and opportunity must be given away.


Brentwood Church has been called to develop leaders, not just for the sake of the Church, but for the sake of families, communities, and the workplace. As a response to that calling, we have developed Next Level Leadership with the vision of "equipping leaders for greater impact."

Next Level Leadership is a four-month process that will consist of four separate gatherings, one per month. They are broken up into one rally and three intensives. The cost for this course is $25, which includes all your materials: three books, light refreshments, and other resources.

Upcoming Trimesters:

Summer Trimester launching in May 2018:

  • May TBD
  • June TBD
  • July TBD
  • August TBD

Fall trimester launching in September 2018:

  • September TBD
  • October TBD
  • November TBD
  • December TBD

We are now registering for our Spring Trimester, simply follow the link below to start your journey with Next Level Leadership! Please email any questions to brett@brentwoodchurch.org