Do you feel called to full-time vocational ministry?

The Brentwood Church Residency Program is a two year, full time leadership training program designed to give hands on experience working with one of the staff teams of the church, personal mentoring and leadership training to equip emerging church leaders for a lifetime of ministry significance.

Family Ministries

Residents in family ministries will get to serve alongside of the Brentwood Kids and Student Ministries Directors.


Residents for Brentwood groups will work with the groups pastor on processes and systems to connect people in community in the church

Pastoral Leadership

Residents in the Pastoral leadership track will get to work alongside of our lead pastor and other high-capacity pastors in our church to learn and help create content for series, learn team leadership, and teaching.


Residents who work with connects will help with the processes that connect guests to Brentwood Church.

Service Programming

Residents for service programming will work with the Creative Arts Director to plan, and execute Sunday morning environments as well as creative elements throughout the church


Residents in the worship track will work alongside of our Brentwood Music Director and music teams to create environments of worship, original songs, and learn what it looks like to lead a team of musicians.



Here at Brentwood, one of our core values says that "we develop others to impact generations, because we believe that wisdom, skill, and opportunity must be given away."

This core value has created a passion within us to equip and develop the next generation of church leaders, and prepare them to be sent out for full-time ministry. All of this has led us to partner with 12Stone Church and their Residency program.

If you are someone who has a clear calling to ministry, is a college graduate, and is interested in being developed as leader in ministry, our Residency program may be your next step.



 Clear calling into vocational ministry  

 Committed to Brentwood Church’s philosophy and staff culture

  Some ministry experience  

 Clear ministry competence and leadership potential  

 Graduate from College  

 Successful completion of application process

Current Residents


Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis

Student Ministry Resident

Danielle Rhodes

Danielle Rhodes

Connections Resident

Nathan Cantu

Nathan Cantu

Teaching Resident

Tyler Lower

Tyler Lower

Groups and Church Online Resident

Hired Residents

Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver

Brentwood Kids Director

Brentwood Church

Zach Buckolt

Zach Buckolt

Student Ministries Director

Brentwood Church