From babies to 4th graders, our teams are passionate about making environments safe, engaging, and fun for every child. We hope to see you and your family soon!

We are passionate about introducing kids to Jesus! We create fun and relevant environments geared specifically for your children, from babies through elementary, and strongly believe your child will encounter Jesus best in Brentwood Kids. We encourage you as a first-time guest to take a tour of our environments to get a first-hand look at what your child will experience (stop by the "First Time Families" check-in area to join a tour). If you decide not to check-in your child to our programming, we ask that you attend service in the Upstairs Venue to help us create a distraction-free service for adults.

First Time Families

We’re so excited to have you join us for the first time! When you arrive, be sure to turn on your car’s flashers so we can make sure your family has close parking. On your way in the building, be sure stop by the New Here tent. Our Guest Services team will show you back to the First Time Families Check-In area. There we’ll gather your family’s basic info to have your child checked in to our secure system (name, age, allergy/medical info, etc…).

Let us know you’re coming! Fill out this short form to make the check-in process quicker on Sunday.

How Check-in Works

For the safety and security of your family, every child will be checked into our secure database and assigned a security tag. Your child will wear a name tag that matches the security tag that has been given to you. This tag will be required when you pick up your child. For security, we don’t allow any friends or family to check out your child without the security tag.

If we need to contact you during service, we’ll text you to let you know what’s going on. Please come to the check-in area with the name tag and we’ll bring your child to you.

Our Vision and Values

Building strong foundations for a new generation of spirit-led leaders.

Relevant & Biblical Truth

Every child will be taught age-appropriate and Gospel-centered truth. Stories, small groups, and worship are all designed to be relevant and engaging. We believe practical teachings help your child learn how to live out the truths they hear with a goal of it lasting for years to come.


The best way for kids to learn and enjoy something is by having fun! We want every child that experiences our programming to be happy they came and excited for next week. Through games, engaging teachings, and intentional structure, we believe your child will have fun and beg you to come back!

Trusted Relationships

We want your child to develop meaningful friendships with their leaders and other kids. We have consistent and trained leaders that intentionally care for and connect with your child, plus consistent small groups of other friends each week! We also desire for you to be informed with what your child is learning so you can trust us as we help you lead your child to Jesus.


Everyone deserves to hear the Gospel taught free of disruptions and on their level – both kids and parents! Regardless of your child’s background - special need, behavioral issue, separation anxiety, etc. - our team will meet your child on their individual level to serve and welcome them into our programming.


Your child’s safety is one of our highest priorities. All who serve on a Kids team have been interviewed, trained, and have passed a background check. We use a secure system for check-in and check-out, and have security policies in place to protect the well-being of every child. Our goal is that your child always feels safe and never questions their care.

Ages and Environments

We believe that every child, regardless of age, has the ability to grasp new concepts of who Jesus is. From Babies to Elementary, we place your child with other kids at their age and learning level, and make sure all content is relevant. Through age-appropriate & engaging teachings, small groups, and worship, we believe your child will have an amazing experience and learn more about Jesus!


Every child deserves love, care and attention regardless of a special need or behavior concern. Our Transition ministry has trained team members who love to serve these children and ensure they are learning about Jesus in any circumstance. Our desire is that you are able to attend service worry free knowing your child is being cared for by those that are passionate to serve in this ministry.

If you're planning on bringing a child that has a special need or behavior concern, please fill out this form so we can begin preparing for you.


Our Parent Page contains the curriculum, memory verses, and worship music that we use each month and lead your kids through. Our goal is that throughout the week, you're able to build on what they're learning on Sundays!


We’d love to help! Send us an email with any questions you have.