As this journey began, fear settled in and got comfortable. I was taking an enormous step in faith, completely out of my comfort zone, into the unknown depths of God. I wasn’t alone. From the beginning, Satan was attacking our Global Team through fear, anxiety, and doubt, but we didn’t let that stop us. We knew that God was working and preparing the way for us. After traveling for about 24 hours, we finally made it to the village in India where we would see God move miraculously over the next week.


As part of our daily routine, we would visit families that the pastor had built a relationship with. One morning, we went to visit the pastor’s neighbor. He and his family were Sikh but were very open to hearing about the one true God. This family poured out so much love and hospitality that we all felt at home. It wasn’t like the other home visits.



While we were spending time getting to know them, I felt led to pray silently that the Holy Spirit would fill the room and that the man would see Jesus in a whole new way. Little did I know that the others on the team were also quietly praying the same exact prayer.


Then each of us had the chance to pray aloud for this man and his family. As we prayed, I could feel something was happening, I could feel God moving.

After we prayed, the man said that none of us prayed alone and that he saw Jesus standing behind us praying with each of us. The man went on to share great knowledge with us and to acknowledge that he believed in Jesus but was not ready to follow Him as the one true God.

"... he saw Jesus standing behind us praying with each of us."

Although this story doesn’t end with salvation, it ends with an expectation of what God will do. God is still working in this man’s life and showing Himself in new ways that we can praise Him for. I believe that one day this man will realize the sacrifice Jesus made for him and that God is the only true God to be followed.


Later in the week, we got up and did the normal routine, but something was different. I knew we were going to see things that we had never seen before. That night, we had a compassion kit party where several who came took a step to believe and follow Jesus. We also were able to hand out numerous compassion kits.


Although these things are great and worthy to praise God for, God had something else to show us. After handing out the compassion kits, the local pastor brought a young boy to us, and we were told he was possessed.

"... God had something else to show us."

The young boy wasn’t screaming or fighting. He was severely oppressed and depressed. We could see it in his eyes. We laid hands on him and prayed. When we prayed, the boy passed out. We laid him down and waited, but the demon had not left. The pastor prayed over him again, and the boy passed out a second time. We continued to pray for him, and after the fourth prayer, the demon left.


The pastor explained to the boy that Jesus is the only one with the authority to keep the demons away. The boy chose to believe and follow Jesus that day. Words cannot describe the difference in his countenance. That night we were also able to pray for two demon-possessed girls and see God free them from this oppression.


One word comes to mind when I think about God and what He did while we were in India. The word encompasses all of Him and all He did.


Holy. Holy. Holy.


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Written by Ruth Anne Bice

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