Are you ready to take your Next Step with Jesus in Baptism?

Share your story of how Jesus changed your life at our next Baptism Celebration! Use the form below to register for baptism.

The next Baptism Celebration is Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019.


If you are an adult or a student in Collide, we want to help you publicly declare that you believe in and follow Jesus! Here are your next steps to register for baptism:

  1. Complete the interest form.
  2. Our Baptism Team will send you an Application.
  3. If there are any further questions, our team will follow-up with you.
  4. All Baptism Candidates will be invited to a Baptism Orientation to help you prepare for this exciting day!
  5. If you have any questions, please email


We consider it a privilege to join you and your family as your child publicly declares that he or she has been brought from death to life. Our baptism process has been intentionally designed for your child (Elementary and Middle School age) in mind because we know how important it is that your child understands what baptism is and that they are cared for in the best way possible. If your child has made the decision to believe in and follow Jesus and wants to be baptized, here are your next steps.

  1. Complete the interest form.
  2. Someone on our team will contact you.
  3. Meet our Team. Our team will set up an interview with your child to discuss baptism. This interview is an opportunity for the staff and volunteer leaders of Brentwood to talk with your child about baptism, and help you determine if they are ready to be baptized.
  4. Complete the baptism story form. This form will allow our team to build your child's story for Baptism Sunday.
  5. Someone from our Baptism Team will contact you for final baptism steps.

Wondering if your child is ready to be baptized? Read more about Baptism here.


Baptism is a public declaration of your decision to believe in and follow Jesus. Baptism shares your story of how Jesus rescued you from sin, death, and evil with everyone watching, and is the first step of obedience to Jesus’ commands. Just like Jesus, we are baptized to tell the world we are all in with God’s people and kingdom!

Baptism doesn’t make us a believer and follower of Jesus, but it tells the world that we are part of God’s Kingdom and people. Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward relationship with Jesus that starts with our decision to believe in and follow Him. When we go under the water, we tell the world that the person we used to be before we decided to believe in and follow Jesus has died, and when we come back out we proclaim that we are new people who will one day come back to life like Jesus!

Salome Tibbs

"After searching for truth for a long time, I was weary and anxious. Even though I had doubts, I gave God a chance, and took a leap of faith. I decided to believe and follow Jesus, and asked Him to rescue me. The moment I made that decision, I felt peace. There were ups and downs in different seasons as I followed Jesus, but I know He has never let me go! He held onto me as His child despite my doubts and fears!"

Ellen Kashevaroff

"I was in town visiting my family for Easter, and God changed my life forever. For fifty years I let my past tell me I was unworthy, and wrestled with memories of abuse. On April 1st, 2018, the reckless love of Jesus became clear to me! I realized that through Jesus victory over death, I am victorious over sin and evil! I decided to believe and follow Jesus at age 72, and was baptized the same day!"

Savannah Blakely

"Baptism is a way for me to proclaim to my friends, family, and everyone else that I love Jesus! I have decided to believe in and follow Him, and I choose to walk with Him and trust in Him. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks or tells me, because Jesus knows me from the inside out—knows all my broken pieces—and loves me regardless!"