Every person you interact with has a story, and each story deserves to be heard. God has allowed everyone to endure different experiences throughout their lives, and everything that we go through has a purpose.


When I think about this mission in Guatemala, I am reminded of the tests I used to cram for in high school. The night before was often a frantic sprint to absorb as much information in as short an amount of time as possible, which typically didn’t turn out very well.


I believe something similar happens when you are on the mission field. Today, before going to the village of La Fragua, I felt this sudden desire to cram as much Bible knowledge as I could before we arrived so that I might present the best version of Jesus as I could. But then I was reminded of the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit in my interactions with the Guatemalans, and God took away the pressure that I felt to “sell Jesus”.

Our entire lives have been preparation for this day – everything that has happened to us before has led up to this moment. And God intends us to use all of those trials and experiences to point back to Him. Therefore, every story is important, including those of all the members of this team and each person that we talk to throughout the week.

"And God intends us to use all of those trials and experiences to point back to Him."

One particular story from today resonated with one of our team members, Sarah Hollar. While giving her testimony to a group of women in La Fragua, she had to fight back tears at the part where she realized her ultimate and desperate need for Christ. Talking about this moment can be emotional for her as it was the exact moment in her life that God saved her from an eternity apart from him. After giving her testimony, a lady from the group approached Sarah and thanked her for the vulnerability that she showed while speaking with them.


Sharing the trials of your story can be one of the most difficult parts of vulnerability as it opens you up to the criticism, judgment, and potential rejection from others. But as believers in Christ, we know that every trial has a purpose and that every experience has the potential to give God glory.


We ask that you pray along with the team that we will have the boldness to lay bare our weaknesses and that the people we meet may open up with a similar level of vulnerability. A heart that can see its own weakness is a heart that can be opened to the redemptive work of Christ.


Written by Tyler Milton

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