What do you think is the most important ministry within Brentwood Church? Is it the preaching? Music? Maybe Community Groups or teaching classes? We have all of those ministries, and in my opinion, we knock these out of the park.


However, there’s another part of our church you may not know much about. If you’re someone who calls Brentwood home, it’s time you know more. So, what is it?


Brentwood Kids.


That’s right. I said it. Brentwood Kids is one of the most important ministries of our church that you know the least about.


Here are three quick reasons why that’s true and why it matters for you.

1. Eternities are on the line.

Hundreds of eternities are on the line every single weekend. You might not know this because the kids' areas are in the back of the school, but right now in 2017, we’re averaging 238 kids every weekend.


That’s a lot of kids!


That’s also a lot of incredible opportunities we have to introduce these children to Jesus every single week. My prayer is that our babies are influenced and covered by the Holy Spirit, our preschoolers have fun and connect the lessons to everyday life, and our elementary-aged kids begin to ask the questions that point them to Jesus and experience life change.


The tricky part? If what they experience each week doesn’t lead them to loving the church or grasping who God is when they’re young, they’re likely to walk away as adults.


Knowing most decisions to believe in and follow Jesus happen for people before turning 18, and even more so before 14, is a heavy weight for leaders and World Changers in the ministry to carry. Check out this Barna Group study for some eye-opening statistics.


We accept the challenge. Here’s how we strive to win:

>We design relevant and engaging teachings and content.
>We create irresistible environments and fun games for the kids.
>We don’t let our reality as a portable church slow us down.


Most importantly, we gather an incredible team of World Changers to serve with excitement and help introduce kids to Jesus!

2. Learning starts young.

Kids can actually learn about Jesus at a young age. My nine-month-old son can signal for “more” and point to what he wants to eat from the options in front of him. My two-year-old son knows how to operate an iPhone (is this a good thing?), count to 14, and pray for his extended family members by name.


My point: children can learn, grow, and be taught more than what most people realize. They are tiny sponges ready to soak up Truth!


Add the Holy Spirit into the mix of learning and play, and lives can truly be changed. We see it happening all the time! Just a few months ago, we saw 16 kids and students get baptized!


How? We stand firm in our belief that: We are not a nursery. We are not free childcare. We are a mighty ministry within this church being used by God to change lives and impact eternities.

3.  God's giftings are versatile.

There are many ways to use God's giftings to serve His church. This isn’t a knock on our other serving areas – I’ve served with Host teams, Students, and Prep all before getting involved with Brentwood Kids. After all, we’re on the same team!


My point is that Brentwood Kids has wide range of serving opportunities because of the number of kids we have and the programs we offer. You can:

>Speak into the lives of kids by leading a small group
>Sing to and pray over babies
>Work with special needs kids
>Check in families and make an impact on first-time visitors
>Tell stories, lead craft activities, or make snack time exciting
>Help execute audio and video programming for a worship experience


These are just a few of the many opportunities that all lead and point back to the same thing: introducing kids to Jesus and what it means to follow Him!


So why does all of this matter for YOU?

1. If you’re a parent:

You want your kids with us on Sundays.


They will learn things about God and Jesus you never thought possible if they’re with us. You know where this won’t happen? In the main worship service that’s designed for adults.

2. If you’re looking for a new place to serve:

Jump in and be a part of what God is doing here!


Start serving in one of the many roles and be a part of changing a child’s eternity through the gifts God has given you.

3. If you call Brentwood home:

Don’t forget about the hundreds of lives that are being impacted that you don’t see.


Don’t allow the distance and walls to let you forget to support these kids, parents, and World Changers. Continually pray for God to change their lives and be a generation grounded in truth! They’re a part of your church family too.


To learn more about our Brentwood Kids Ministry, including our vision and values, check out our webpage.

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