I Promise You, if you serve in the local church, you will grow as a follower of Jesus, find authentic joy, and change the world.


Today, I want to ask you two questions in response to this statement:

1. Do you believe this?
2. Are you experiencing this?

Let’s look at the “you” in I Promise You. Do you believe this? Do you really believe serving in the local church will grow you as a follower of Jesus, help you find authentic joy, and ultimately lead you to change the world?


If you don’t, or if you’re on the fence, that’s ok! Just keep reading.


Think back to when you were a little kid. What did you want to be when you grew up? Was it a firefighter? Doctor? Maybe a teacher? These are some of the most common careers kids want to go into. Why? Because they want to make a difference! Now think back to when you graduated high school and started college. Why did you pick the major you picked? It was probably because you wanted to make a difference!


Do you catch the pattern? We all want to make a difference! Let’s take this a step further. Where does this desire to make an impact in the world come from?


Let’s go back to the “I” in I Promise You. The “I” in this statement is God. He is the one that makes the promise. God created you and me with a desire to make an impact, but not just an impact here on earth, an impact that changes eternity!


Mark 10:45 reminds us of that: “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”



Jesus served us and modeled what it looks like to make an eternal impact. As His followers, we’re called to walk in His example, and that starts with us believing God created us to change the world. We’re called to make a difference.

God created us to change the world.


But I know what you’re thinking: it’s hard. This requires us to give something up or to get uncomfortable as we try something we may have never done before.


But that brings us to the “PROMISE” in I Promise You.


God challenges us and promises overwhelming growth, joy, and impact if we give up our comfort for the sake of His kingdom. But why give up that comfort? Because of the promise


Luke 18:29-30 reveal the promise to us,

“I assure you that everyone who has given up house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, will be repaid many times over in this life, and will have eternal life in the world to come.”


Jesus goes to the extreme to drive home the point. When we give up what we think is most important to us—our comfort—we gain something far better, far longer lasting! We gain authentic joy, growth, and we change the world. That’s the promise! The most amazing thing is that the blessings aren’t just in eternity, they are on this side too. That’s why serving in the local church—serving at Brentwood—is a practical, tangible way to give up comfort for the sake of God’s Kingdom and to experience His blessing.


If you aren’t experiencing this, is there something you haven’t been willing to give up? Fill in the blank for yourself. What do you have to give up or adjust to experience His blessing? Does it mean you will have to sacrifice sleep, get ready the night before, adjust the kid’s sports schedules, meet up with friends and family later in the day?


If you are willing to give this up, you will experience the promise of His blessing. Are you ready to experience this promise? Start serving today!

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