Child Dedication

Our next Child Dedication is May 12, 2019.

Child Dedication is an opportunity for parents to publicly commit to raising and leading their children God’s way, and for their church to pray for and partner with them in their journey of faith. While we can’t make decisions for our children, we can empower them to make good decisions through our prayers and leadership. We are honored to partner with families on their journey of faith!

The Interest Form below refers to a letter you will write to your child. Listen to this audio clip to learn more information about that letter.
*Please note: this letter will be kept private to your family - it will not be read aloud as indicated in the audio clip.


Child dedication is a moment for parents and the church to commit to partner and build strong foundations for the next generation of future leaders. For parents, child dedication is a commissioning from the church to embrace their calling to raise their children with the knowledge of Jesus. While parents can’t make spiritual decisions for their children, they can empower them to follow Jesus through their prayer and leadership, and child dedication is a public declaration of that commitment. For the church, child dedication is a promise to partner with parents and support them as they build their child’s faith.

What does Child Dedication do for my child?

Child dedication is your commitment and promise to lead your child to salvation through their decision to believe in and follow Jesus. While you can’t make that decision for your child, you can promise to pray for them and lead in such a way that they one day make that decision. However, salvation comes from their decision to believe in and commit to following Jesus. Child dedication is not about your child’s relationship with God, it’s about your decision to let your relationship with God impact the way you lead your family.

Is it the same as baptism?

Child dedication is not the same as baptism. Baptism is a public declaration of a person’s decision to believe in and follow Jesus, and is the first step of obedience after making that decision. Baptism is a symbol of your child’s decision to believe in and follow Jesus, and dedication is about your commitment to raise them so they make that decision. You can read more about our beliefs on baptism here and here.