We develop others to impact generations because we believe wisdom,

skill and opportunity must be given away.

Brentwood Development

About Brentwood Development


One of our core values at Brentwood Church is to develop and equip the next generation of church leaders. We believe that God has given us the ability to help prepare interns and residents for ministry, whether that be lay leadership or full-time vocational ministry in the Church.

Our internship program is for undergraduate students who have a passion for ministry, and desire to work in the Church. The Brentwood Development Internship Program occurs in two different formats. The first is a semester-based internship during the school year; which provides development in a ministry area at Brentwood. The second Internship opportunity is our summer internship. This program allows each intern to feel the weight of full-time ministry responsibility, and comes with a bi-weekly stipend. We are willing to work with most universities to count these internships towards internship credits.

The Brentwood Church Residency program is a two-year ministry experience, which allows the post-undergrad student with a desire for full-time ministry to be developed in a ministry area. To learn more about this program, qualifications, and other information visit our Residency page.