The Mission

It is the vision of our partner, the For All Mankind Movement (FAMM), to reach men and women from unreached people groups and equip them as obedient followers of Christ so they can be sent as missionaries to their own people. Our team will work with FAMM on the ground in different states of Punjab, India to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to an unreached people through door to door evangelism and compassion kit parties. FAMM’s vision is to plant 3,000 churches in the brick factories of Punjab, India over the next 3 years. These church plants start with new believers that are given the opportunity to learn about Jesus for the first time at a compassion kit party. These new believers are invited to take part in a bible story group. These bible story groups lead to baptism, leadership development, and a church plant.

Trip Requirements

This trip is open to anyone over 18 years of age. As the team will be traveling to a third world country, there may be somerequirements for shots or other medication. The team leader will share the details of these medical requirements at the first trip meeting.

About Our Partner

FAMM began in the Middle East as the FAMM’s founder was on a business trip to the region. It’s on this trip that he noticed men working in extreme conditions building the infrastructure of this region. After a visiting these people, he learned that most were migrant workers from other areas of the Middle East and South Asia who had come due to the promise of work and an honest wage.These people shared stories about how their contracts for employment were ripped up upon arrival, the conditions were horrible, the pay was low, and the people had little choice but to work to support their families back home. Seeing these people, working in these conditions, with little to no hope, is what led to the founding of FAMM. FAMM began in the Middle East with small groups of missionaries visiting these labor camps at night to share small gifts in the form of compassion kits and to share bible stories and personal testimony. These gatherings became known as compassion kit parties. These parties led to bible story groups, to church plants, leadership development, and eventually the training and sending out of missionaries. One of these missionaries was a man from Punjab, India. This man, who made a decision for Christ in a labor camp in the Middle East, worked with FAMM to bring the gospel to Punjab in a similar way. Through this mission in the Punjab, India, FAMM has seen thousands of people hear the gospel, thousands make decisions, and hundreds of churches planted.

Trip Testimonial

I was nervous to say the least, but when I got there, I just felt God move in a major way.

Going on a FAMM trip is an experience like no other. Having gone on several different missions trips in the past, I was wondering what to expect as we were not going with a project in mind, not going to build, etc. We were going to share our personal testimony and bible stories. I was nervous to say the least, but when I got there, I just felt God move in a major way. He brought so many people out to see us. We stayed in a small church outside of the slums and got up early to walk the streets and meet people where they were. We saw families with little to no money, welcome us with open arms, serve us, feed us, and make us feel welcome. They were hungry to hear the Word that God sent us to bring and many made life changing decisions for Christ.