The Mission

Brentwood church has partnered with Urban Impact to bring the love of Jesus to inner city children in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania through a football camp ministry. During this camp, our teams have the opportunity to get to know these kids, to share our lives and testimony, while being examples of Christ to them. This camp is an opportunity to reach children that are in danger of being a statistic. The numbers show that many of the children in this area are from single parent households, will possibly get into drugs, drop out of school, and many may lose their lives. This is an opportunity to show these children that they are more than a statistic, that they are loved by their fellow brothers and sisters even though we are a few states away and that ultimately they are children of Christ who loves them regardless of their situation.

Trip Requirements

This trip is open to all ages however a guardian may be required for children under the age of 12.

About Our Partner

Urban Impact began as an outreach ministry of the Allegheny Center Alliance Church nearly two decades ago. Wanting to fully restore the lives of the people in the community, the church sought to have a bigger impact on its people. In 1995 Pastor Ed Glover formed Urban Impact as a separate entity in order to focus on practical aspects of community development while providing a spiritual base for the people of the North Side. In nearly two decades Urban Impact has impacted thousands of children and youth from the North Side and over 50,000 young people nationally through Urban Impact’s various ministries and programs. Urban Impact’s Mission is to do their part in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission on the North Side of Pittsburgh by following His model of holistic ministry by investing in the lives of at-risk children, youth, and their families in order to develop mature, responsible followers of Christ.

Trip Testimonial

…it was great to see the true focus come to light…and then to see so many young kids raise their hands to give their lives to Christ…

It was amazing to get an opportunity to work with these young kids through Urban Impact. You could really feel that Urban Impact’s mission was Christ centered, especially when they stopped the tournament before the championship to share the gospel. While so many kids were so focused on the game and had so invested in winning, it was great to see the true focus come to light…and then to see so many young kids raise their hands to give their lives to Christ…that was the victory before and trophies were handed out!